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Professional Alliances

As CPAs, attorneys, and P&Cs, your clients trust you to help them handle their finances. To provide them with even more financial services resources, we invite you to partner with the team at Baystate Financial.

We can assist with a broad range of financial services including access to a variety of investment and insurance providers. Affiliation with Baystate also offers objectivity and independence in the choice of service and product providers, enabling you to best deliver your clients’ unique personal or business financial needs.

Your firm can benefit in several ways including:

  • Deepening your relationships and enhancing customer retention
  • Offering additional services to existing clients
  • Gaining new clients
  • Increasing your knowledge base

A professional alliance with Baystate Financial can provide new opportunities for you to serve your clients while maintaining your commitment to quality. To learn more about working with Baystate Financial, please contact [email protected]

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