It’s Never too Early to Start Planning.

Individuals & Families

It’s never too early to start planning for the life you want, and it’s imperative to protect the life you have. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a parent with children, our representatives have the tools and expertise to help you set your financial goals and guide you to achieving them. From saving to start a family to ensuring your loved ones are taken care of after you’re gone, you can trust your finance professional will ensure that your personal plan is mapped out and implemented.

While we’re always a phone call or email away, you also have access to all of your key financial data and critical documents with our technology platform, Personal Financial View®. Personal Financial View® streamlines the organization and management of your financial plan, from spending and budgeting; accessing a full suite of reports; alerts and alarms to ensure you stay on track; and an online vault that stores, organizes, and secures your important legal, financial, and personal documents in one place.

Focusing on who we serve is on top of our agenda.

Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur or running a business is not for the faint of heart. Your business is your family’s lifeblood; a pillar in your community. Our goal is to help you stay focused on the task at hand: running your business. The Baystate Financial team of advanced professionals work in concert with your trusted business advisors to help create a financial roadmap that ensures the long-term success of your business. Together, you’ll think through issues of risk management, business succession, personal protection planning, and employee benefits.

Your business is your passion. Helping you protect it is ours.

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Healthcare Professionals

We understand the demands of practicing medicine. We know financial matters can slip through the cracks. You take care of everyone else’s physical health; let us help you make your financial health a priority.  At Baystate Financial we understand how to help you protect and provide for yourself and loved ones at every stage of your careers. You have a distinct disadvantage in meeting mid-life financial demands because of delayed entry into the workforce. In addition, you are challenged to pay down hefty student loan debt while making up for the earning-time gap, making expert financial advice a necessity to cover mid-life household expenses and avoid a major shortfall at retirement. We help mid-career professionals develop detailed cash-flow plans, formulate strategies to maximize after-tax returns on investments, and monitor growing wealth.

At a later stage in life, you need a firm grasp of the financial and tax implications of winding down your careers, as well as estate planning, and assuring adequate resources for a comfortable retirement.

You dedicate your life to helping others live healthy, full lives; with our financial guidance, we’ll make sure you get to do the same.

Corporate Executives

You’ve risen in your career from doing to managing. You’re responsible for the livelihood of hundreds, if not thousands, of employees, reporting to ownership or shareholders, and keeping customers happy. The stress that comes along with the privilege of sitting in the C-Suite is not for everyone.

Your financial picture is more complicated than most and requires a discerning eye to make sure taxes are minimized, charitable giving is properly accounted for, and higher levels of compensation are positioned for long-term growth.

You may not own the business but, when you perform like you do, your Baystate Financial representative will ensure that your financial picture takes care of you.

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