Baystate Financial’s new offering brings financial wellness to work

Boston financial firm is teaming up with HR departments to build employee confidence

Boston, MA—Today Baystate Financial unveiled the Financial Wellness Engagement Series, a powerful new offering that gives employees the guidance to put their benefits to work. Led by trusted financial professionals and provided at no cost through employer HR departments, this series of onsite or virtual education engagements can help employees gain a deeper understanding of the relevant financial topics impacting their lives—from college savings to retirement plans.

“48% of employees are worried about their personal finances—costing employers about one month of productivity per year,” says Mike Yoken, Partner at Baystate Financial. “They’re looking for guidance that many businesses don’t have the time or resources to provide. We at Baystate designed our Financial Wellness offering to address this need.”

The value that Financial Wellness brings to employees helps businesses too—as a turnkey resource for HR departments and as a driver of productivity from a less distracted team. By answering their pressing financial questions, these engagements enable individuals to turn their full attention to the task at hand—helping to push businesses forward.

Today Baystate Financial unveiled the Financial Wellness Engagement Series.